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Cat is an experienced speaker who has taught tens of thousands of people how to use, improve and protect their online data. From workshops of 5 up to keynotes of 5000, Cat will educate, engage and entertain your audience. 

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We offer a full Suite of Cybersecurity and Privacy Compliance services including Global Data Privacy Compliance, Privacy by Design, Risk & Privacy Impact Assessments, and more

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Visit Cat's company at Binary Tattoo for free digital downloads and resources including our popular Network and App Resource, Privacy Setting Walkthroughs for major networks,  and over 150 articles to keep you, your family, and your company safe online. 

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About Cat

Cat Coode is the founder of Binary Tattoo. Binary, for the language of all things digital. Tattoo, for the permanence of what goes online. Her mission is to help you safeguard your data and digital identity. Backed by two decades of experience in mobile development and software architecture, as well as a certification in data privacy law, Cat helps corporations and individuals better understand cybersecurity and data privacy. Cat is an engineer, speaker, consultant, author, and, above all else, a parent. Her motivation to help others was born out of her concern for her kids and the new generations growing up in an ever-changing digital landscape. 

Cat is also a member of the Standards Council of Canada for GDPR.