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The weakest link in the cybersecurity chain is still the employees. Social engineering and human error are responsible for the majority of data breaches -> 92% of malware is still downloaded to a company’s system via email sent to an employee. Though there are terrific software solutions that help to mitigate these risks, the ultimate solution is to train your employees. Help them better understand what information they are giving away and how it can be used against them.

Cybersecurity for Individuals: Personal Online Identity and Data Protection

Our flagship offering for everyone, find out how your data is gathered and used in our evolving online world. We help individuals understand how their behaviours online affects both the company’s data security and their reputation. Leave with tangible actions you can take to improve privacy and safety of your online accounts. Keep hackers at bay, secure your private accounts, and take ownership of your most valuable asset, your data.

Safeguarding Your Online Brand

The word “Brand” is used by marketers to describe how you chose to publicly define yourself. The problem in today’s growing digital world, is that we put out more information than we intend to. This results in digital identity you may not be be aware of. Key to professionals who rely on their brand, we assist you to ensure your personal and work profiles are separated online. By providing you with tangible tips and suggestions, we help you understand how and where your data is seen so the you can take back control of your personal online brand today.

Privacy Settings Walk-Throughs

From browsers to social networks to your handheld devices, let us walk you through the complicated world of privacy settings and put you back in the drivers seat.

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I wanted to extend a big THANK YOU for your presentation.

Already have lots of staff talking about you and how much they enjoyed your presentation. You made it entertaining, thought provoking and applicable to our staff so thank you again! – Sarah Rabb

I had many comments from members that thought your presentation was very well done

 They appreciated the humour that you interjected in the presentation and the real life examples. I could have listened to you longer. - Stephanie Pongracz

Cat’s presentation was passionate and a great pace.

 She held the attention of our students despite the time of year and them sitting on the floor. They said they loved her, found her interesting, and knowledgeable.- Sandy Dawson

You really have a powerful message to share

Your delivery of it is easy to understand, entertaining, thought provoking and sprinkled with current events and common sense!

Speaker was amazing - informative and very interesting

Cat was engaging and dynamic. The 

content she provided was excellent.

Personal, informed, enlightened the audience

Revealing of what to be aware of, and reassuring that the internet is a great tool. – Amanda Albert

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